May 22


Let them have fun with their food!

So Lily (my 8 month old) has been eating solids for about 3 months now, and she’s pretty much eating what we’re eating.  When I make myself a veggie stir-fry and brown rice, she gets a puree of veggie stir fry (ex the tamari sauce) and brown rice.  Not too complicated.

Today, she was impatient for her food to be ready, so I started feeding her right on the floor next to me while I finished cooking.  I noticed she wanted to bring the food to her mouth and feed herself… so this time, I just let her!  I  knew it would be a hot sticky mess, so I just accepted that bathtime would be right after lunch today!  Result = a very icky, sticky, happy baby, loving her pureed veggies/ rice!

Lily gets messy!

Lily gets messy!