May 24


Saturday Morning Pancakes!

There’s something super comforting about the idea of having pancakes for breakfast!  We’ve been drinking our breakfast in the form of green smoothies for a looong time, and we love it — but now and then, it’s nice to break it up and actually chew something warm.  Right?  So when Ayla tugged on my sleeve at 6:30 this morning and asked for pancakes, I was like, really, can I please get some more sleep?  Then when I realized that was really not going to happen, we headed to the kitchen.   The result was delish (and a bit of fun for mommy and Ayla too!)

These pancakes are dairy, egg, sugar & gluten free.  And they STILL TASTE AMAZING!  🙂

Again with the smiley faces!  So that mom.

Again with the smiley faces! So that mom.

Recipe is courtesy of Deliciously Ella! Click here for the link.