Surprise snack at the grocery store

Yesterday I had the rare occasion to go grocery shopping – sans enfants! It felt like a spa retreat. Despite the crazy crowds, kids (other people’s) screaming and me rushing around to find what I needed. Without a stroller to push or toddler to chase, I was in my own little heaven.

But one problem – I was starving! In my rush to get out the door I hadn’t grabbed a snack as I usually do – a piece of fruit or handful of nuts. So, my will was being tested all over the place – all I could see were aisles full of chocolate and cookies! My nemeses!!

Then, the light shone down on a lovely lady, sampling some food in the middle of the store. Her colourful display of food attracted me. What could it be?

To my surprise and delight, she was sampling fresh produce from local Genevois farmers. I was all “Bain, oui!” When she asked if I’d like to try the cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, fresh herbs… And everything else. I pretty much cleaned her out. Figured I did her a favour anyway as it was almost closing time.  Right?

Snacking disaster avoided – thank you lovely sample lady!

PS – those herbs you see are now sitting on my balcony, just waiting for the right occasion to be devoured!  Mu-hahaha.


Lovely sample lady! (this is after I had sampled to my hearts content…. clearly.)


I could eat only strawberries and tomatoes, and I would be happy.