June 25

Why go green? Top 7 reasons

Someone asked today why greens are included in the smoothies at all.  Why not just make them all fruit, wouldn’t they be tastier that way?  Good question.  For me, the whole reason I started drinking these religously was because of what they did for my ENERGY.  As I increased my consumption of green smoothies up to around 1L per day, I started to feel more energy than I’d ever had.  More than just the morning — right into the evening too.  I had more to give to my family, friends and work – I could not ask for more.  The reason I had all this lasting energy was BECAUSE of the greens.  They have so many nutrients packed in them that our bodies are thirsty for.  I add fruits in order to make drinking greens taste good!  It’s a simple way to mask their flavour a bit and enjoy the drink.

Here’s a reminder (because it bears remembering!) of WHY we should all GO GREEN: 

  1. Greens are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, and your body doesn’t get enough of them.  Drinking them makes this easy.
  2. In one drink, you get 3/5  daily fruit & veggie servings you need!  This is critical to promoting your health and warding off illness. THAT’S gotta make you feel good (and not so bad about going crazy on the leftover meeting room dessert tray later on)!
  3. You’re eating the WHOLE food – with all it’s nutrients.  That means that along with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, each smoothie is jam-packed with detoxifying fibre, which sweeps up the toxins in your body and keeps you fuller, longer. 
  4. As your body gets the nutrients it needs, your cravings for ‘junk’ start to decline – you start wanting more healthy food! Pretty cool.
  5. By blending first (with our super-high-powered blender, which can blend anything including your iPhone), all your body has to do is absorb the green goodness, with minimal effort.  Less energy spent digesting = more energy for YOU.
  6. Greens contain chlorophyll – that’s what makes them green!  These provide oxygen in your body, and create more blood flow.
  7. Greens alkalize your body!  We tend to eat food that makes our body acidic (dairy, meat, processed foods) and greens help to bring balance back to neutral.

Sources: Victoria Boutenko, pioneer of Green smoothie movement and author of many books including The Green Smoothie Revolution and Green for Life, and Kimberly Snyder, author of Beauty Detox Solution, as well as countless other sources.

Greens greens and more greens!   At the market in Bodrum.

Greens greens and more greens! At the market in Bodrum.