Whatevs Roll Ups

My little 3 year old is getting clever!  A little too clever… She remembers everything.  If I tell her she gets a little treat if she has a good nap (which mommy needs so she can get stuff done!), that’s the first thing she asks for when she wakes up.  “Mommy, where’s my treat?” Well this time, mommy didn’t exactly have any treats.  In fact, Mommy’s treat cupboard (usually brimming with rice cakes, apple puree, nuts/ seeds, dried fruit. etc) was pretty bare.  Mommy was going to have to improvise!  (Stopping writing about myself in the 3rd person… now.  For now.)

Open fridge/ cupboards, find – cooked black bean, ripe avocado, tomatoes, tortillas.  This was looking promising… but somehow I needed to position this as a snack!

But that’s the magic about tortillas… they ROLL, like a fruit roll up!  Half the fun is rolling and unrolling them.  So, I gave it a shot…

I mashed up the beans with the avocado, spread it on along the bottom, added a few tomatoes and rolled em up!  Luckily, she went for it…

Whatevs Roll ups

Whatevs Roll ups

These are so easy… just always have some tortillas on hand (ideally corn/ whole wheat), then spread whatever dip you have in the fridge (can be hummus, avocado, artichoke hearts even – anything soft that spreads) and add veggies, raw or cooked (bell pepper slices, mushrooms, corn, greens, grilled zucchini or eggplant… endless options.)  Whatever you have that is healthy and tasty – throw it in there!

New snack discovered - Tortillas a la whatever-you-can-stuff-inside-that-tastes-good-and-is-healthy

New snack discovered – Tortillas a la whatever-you-can-stuff-inside-that-tastes-good-and-is-healthy

Ingredients for me, this time:

  • Cooked black beans – very high in protein (for those worried about getting enough of it… which you probably do!)
  • Avocado
  • Tortillas
  • Tomatoes

Mash the black beans with the avocado.  Spread along the bottom of tortilla. Add the tomatoes. Roll em up!