Karrot Cake – from Crazy Sexy Kitchen

I NEVER bake.  Whenever I attempt to place something sweet in the oven, it doesn’t work out.  It’s too wet, or too dry, or too flaky, or whatever. It’s never just right.  But seriously, I felt so much like biting into a slice of carrot cake, out of nowhere… I had no choice but to make one of my own.  I would need to find a vegan recipe first!  Enter Fran Costigan (with Kris Carr, & Chad Sarno Crazy Sexy Kitchen).  I cracked open the book and it coincidentally turned to, you guessed it, Carrot Cake!  If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is.  My destiny was now, and I was going to bake a goddamn carrot cake.

… And I have to say, not bad at all.  No refined sugar, no eggs, no dairy, but all kinds of delicious.  The full recipe is here, and also pasted below.  I added his Cashew cream on top (a raw blend of soaked cashews, coconut milk, vanilla and maple syrup.)



Fran Costigan's Karrot Cake recipe

Fran Costigan’s Karrot Cake recipe