Coconut-banana-cinnamon porridge

This may look like breakfast but tonight it was dinner!  Cozy comfort food really doesn’t need to be eaten at a particular hour, any time you need a hug will do just fine.  In this case, I’ve been dealing with 2 sick little bugs and 1 daddy who is on a never-ending boy’s golf trip in Scotland (right, ladies?) and a pretty intense workload, so I was low on energy reserves, not to mention shopping ingredients!  So yes, I definitely needed a hug.  This warm bowl of porridge is the next best thing.

5 min prep and dinner is served 🙂 This makes a perfect breakfast for the kiddies too!  Gets their energy up and on slow-burn all day…



  • oatmeal, around 1/3 cup
  • coconut milk, a few good splashes 🙂 I pretty much cover the base of oatmeal with coconut milk
  • around 1 cup of boiled water
  • ground cinnamon – tastes great and packed with health benefits
  • mashed banana
  • berries, nuts to serve
  • (optional – grated apple – I add this when I make it for the kids to amp up the fruit content)

Cook the oatmeal in coconut milk and water for around 5 min.  Add your cinnamon (to taste – I put a lot in there!) Remove from heat and add the mashed banana (and if relevant your grated apple).  Serve in a bowl with berries and nuts on top.