The Anything Spreadable Anytime Snack

The basic recipe of this snack/ lunch in a hurry is Spreadable something + a Base to spread on + spices + veggie/ fruit topping.  The possibilities are endless!  Spreadable examples — avocado, hummus, smashed beans, leftover lentils smashed together, nut/ seed butters.  Base examples – nori wrap, tortilla, rice cracker, good old bread.  Spices = you can go wild!  Flaky salt, pepper, cumin, herbs de provence are some of my faves.  Veggie toppings = whatever you have in the fridge!  Sliced peppers, thinly sliced carrots or courgettes, sprouts (my fave), tomatoes, fresh herbs like coriander, dill or parley.  Or, if you go with a nut butter as your base, slice up some bananas and layer them on top (then if you have a sweet tooth like me, drizzle honey on top! Your welcome 🙂

So this iteration of the Anything Spreadable Anytime snack is smashed avocado, on top of toasted pumpernickel bread (always keep a pack in the freezer for last minute lunches), sprinkled with flaky sea salt and “espellette” pepper (insanely good – it’s like black pepper but more flavourful & delicious),  and topped with loads of sprouts.  Another version had hummus as my spreadable, with cumin & pepper, topped with sundried tomatoes.   Throw some  raw tomatoes or peppers or whatever else you have to munch on the side, and you’re done.  And feeling amazing 🙂  Enjoy! x

Smashed Avocado Anytime Spreadable