About Judy

Hello 🙂 and welcome to my little blog, Judy Goes Green. I’m mainly a mom and a marketer by day, but healthy food has become my not-so-secret obsession!

It all started for me around 3 years ago. I was on maternity leave with our first daughter, Ayla, and realized I was lacking energy and generally feeling sluggish with ups/ downs throughout the day.  I did some research and stumbled upon a book by Kimberly Snyder – The Beauty Detox Solution.  This book kind of changed my life, no joke (though I had no idea then.)  Among other suggestions, Kimberly recommended drinking Green smoothies every day.  So, I started this up!  After about 1 year, my husband Nick joined me in daily green smoothie ritual.  (Now – HE’S the one making them!! Sweet!) Even our daughter Ayla started drinking them when she was around 1. (Now, at 3.5, she either runs away screaming EW! at the sight of them, or drinks her full glass – depends on I-don’t-know-what!) Both Nick and I noticed a HUGE change in our bodies after drinking the smoothies regularly — we had WAY more energy, we looked better, felt better, and we lost weight.  We even started craving more greens and overall healthy foods in our diets.  Our sugar & junk cravings were drastically reduced.  If there was a ‘magic solution’ to healthy living, it had to be the green smoothies.

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Fast forward 3 years later… we are still drinking our greens (Nick is still making them, I’m still drinking them and Ayla’s still mostly running away!) but I wanted to go further.  I was convinced that having the energy I needed to be a great mom/ marketer was very much linked to what I ate, and I knew I had a lot to learn. Throughout those years, I also watched as someone very close to me went through heart-disease (resulting in surgery), prostate-cancer (also resulting in surgery), and diabetes.  I intuitively knew that all of these diseases must be at least partly influenced by food choices — I just didn’t know the right diet or what the impact would be.  I believed it would need to be a real lifestyle change – not a fad diet that would come and go.

How should we eat to maintain optimal health and prevent (and even heal) disease?  While on maternity leave with my second daughter Lily (now 8 months), I got VERY passionate about finding this out.    I immersed myself in the literature I could get my hands on and took an online nutrition course at e-Cornell.  What I learned can be summed up in 5 words: Whole Food Plant Based Diet.  This is the way forward! I was skeptical at first and always had in the back of my mind that ‘there are 2 sides to every story, this is just one side.’ However, as I read the studies myself I was overwhelmed by the weight of evidence that supported this way of eating.  It was just too staggering to ignore.  It became clear to me that we had been essentially living in the ‘dark’ – despite the fact that it was well established in the nutrition and medicine science fields that a plant-based diet supported health and warded off illness, the awareness of this fact was (is) super low!

As a mom (aka the one who worries about what’s on our plates), after learning all of this, I knew I had no choice but to change the way we ate drastically.  Eliminate/ avoid dairy, eggs, meat and anything processed/ refined (white flour, sugar, etc.)  Instead, lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans and pulses.  So without thinking about it too much, we just did it, in Jan 2014. I tried not to think about what we cut out, and instead gathered as many recipes/ cookbooks/ apps I could find to give me inspiration on what yummy veggie dishes to prepare.  I loaded my pantry with the plant-based basics and bought all kinds of weird stuff I didn’t know how to pronounce (especially not in french!) I made sure our fridge was always stocked with greens, veggies and fruits.  If I didn’t have a recipe handy and was lacking inspiration, all I had to do was open the fridge and there would always be something healthy I could throw together.  Pretty soon, we were not missing the dairy/ meat/ processed foods. They had just quietly disappeared…


… And seriously, we have never felt better.  Nick and I never feel bloated/ heavy after a meal anymore.  We used to be Pepcid/ Rennie addicts and have now tossed these meds in the bin.  Our energy levels are great – we are hitting the gym much more than ever before.  We have both lost weight.  And you know the best part is?  I feel like we’ve got a shield up and we’re protecting ourselves (as much as we can) against all kinds of chronic diseases.  As Hippocrates said: Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Amen. We are by no means done.  It’s a journey and we’re totally fumbling our way through!  This blog will follow the process… and hopefully give you a few ideas along the way!

Thanks for joining us and sharing your thoughts too 🙂 Judy