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June 30

Going green selfies!

Getting your selfies were the highlight of my week.  Every time I would get one, I would smile (even if Lily just threw up on me or Ayla had one of her charming tantrums.) As promised – here they are!  Thank you so much for taking part! Which do you like best???    

June 27

Day 5 – 40 shades of Green

After a mad week of washing, chopping, blending & pouring (and turning our apartment into the produce section of a grocery store), we are almost at the finish line!  40 people every day X 5 days = 200 smoothies in total!  It’s been quite an adventure 🙂 Probably the most exciting week of my maternity […]

June 26

Day 4 – Pina Green-Gio

Here’s a few of the quotes I am getting from you… “I am getting addicted – I don’t need to think about breakfast anymore as it’s delivered to my desk :)” “Happy happy a new way back into healthy eating.” “Getting addicted….” A lot of you have also shared snippits of your conversations together on […]

June 25

Green Smoothie drinking guidelines

Many of you are asking HOW to drink the smoothies.  On an empty stomach?  With food?  How much should I drink? I will let the experts answer your questions!  Below is an expert from Victoria Boutenko’s book Green for Life.  Boutenko is a pioneer of the green smoothie (and raw food, actually) movement. Two little […]

June 25

Why go green? Top 7 reasons

Someone asked today why greens are included in the smoothies at all.  Why not just make them all fruit, wouldn’t they be tastier that way?  Good question.  For me, the whole reason I started drinking these religously was because of what they did for my ENERGY.  As I increased my consumption of green smoothies up […]

Image courtesy of the June 25

Day 3 – Pearylicious Drama Queen

Well done to everyone who has made it this far.  Halfway home!  Hopefully you will be hooked soon, muhahaha! Today’s smoothie is the Pearylicious Drama Queen. It was inspired originally by one of the better known green smoothie advocates, Kimberly Snyder.  Since she recommends drinking it to her famous clients (think Drew Barrymore, Fergie, Dita […]

June 24

Day 2: Creamy Avoberry Love

Day one – DONE. Bring on Day 2!  Congrats to everyone for getting over the GREEN and getting into the DELICIOUSNESS of it all. You’re all glowing today 😉  Surprisingly tasty, isn’t it? And even better when you know just how good you’re doing your body with every sip. Today’s smoothie inspiration came from a […]