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February 11

Massaged Kale Salad

Have you ever tried to eat raw kale?  The taste is a little bit bitter, the texture is chewy – not the most pleasant experience.  Enter a technique I just discovered (Thanks Rouxbe Plant Based Cooking Course!) — “Massage Your Kale.”  You can do it with a plain ripe avocado, or with the juice of […]

September 09

Sweet & Sour Lentil & Mango Boats

Lentils are so freaking versatile and delicious, I’m not really sure if I could live without them.  AND they are an excellent source of protein.  This time, I discovered a version that made them SWEET & SOUR.  Almost like a thai flavour.  Wow, lentils will never be the same for me.  Make these today!  You […]

August 18

Lentil “Koftes” with Mom

My mom and dad were just here for a few weeks, helping out with the kiddies (hello, trip to Positano!) and just hangin with us.  Before my mom left, amidst packing and getting in as much grand-children time as possible, she somehow made the time to whip up this amazing plant-based Turkish dish.  We had […]

May 30

Bright zucchini salad (raw)

Ever wondered what to do with zucchini peels after using zucchinis for a meal? Now you can turn them into an easy yet amaaazingly delish salad! I love the way the bright colour adds so much love to your plate too (on the bottom right in the pic). Relishing every meal on my trip so […]

May 23

Beet, Carrot, Apple & Avocado Salad

Today I heard someone refer to drinking a beet, carrot and apple smoothie and saying it felt “liquid fuel” in his body.  That sounded pretty good to me!  So when I got home, famished, I opened up the fridge and found what would soon be my awesomely delish lunch.  I lucked out – I had […]

May 01

Chickpea Avocado Symphony Salad

Today I was really at a loss when it came to figuring out what was for lunch!! I was just back from a trip to Chamonix and didn’t have much food in the fridge. After initially caving and digging into a bag of cashews, I recalibrated and found a can of chickpeas, some fresh basil, […]