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November 14

The Anything Spreadable Anytime Snack

The basic recipe of this snack/ lunch in a hurry is Spreadable something + a Base to spread on + spices + veggie/ fruit topping.  The possibilities are endless!  Spreadable examples — avocado, hummus, smashed beans, leftover lentils smashed together, nut/ seed butters.  Base examples – nori wrap, tortilla, rice cracker, good old bread.  Spices = you […]

July 28

Whatevs Roll Ups

My little 3 year old is getting clever!  A little too clever… She remembers everything.  If I tell her she gets a little treat if she has a good nap (which mommy needs so she can get stuff done!), that’s the first thing she asks for when she wakes up.  “Mommy, where’s my treat?” Well […]

July 28

Hangry Cure (or Coco-Almond-Banana bites!)

Tired. Hungry.  Not happy food is not immediately in front of you.  I call that Hangry, and I know it well.  Not so much from me, but mainly from my husband Nick.  He is usually a pretty chill guy, but when he’s Hangry, it’s not pretty. When I felt it coming on, I threw together […]