October 09

Turkish Barbunya (Kidney beans)

This has become one of my go-to meals for the week.  I love it because, first and foremost, it’s really tasty!  Also,  it’s a complete meal with ample protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.  To top it off, it’s ridiculous easy and quick, especially in the Instant pot!  This one’s for you mom… every time I eat it […]

October 09

Green market fresh soup

How’s this for the easiest recipe ever… Go to farmers market.  Buy fresh green soup mix (mix of fresh herbs, leafy greens, leeks, etc all loosely chopped and ready to eat), and 2 potatoes.  Saute some chopped onions and garlic, insert fresh mix and your 2 diced potatoes, and cook with vegetable stock for around […]

October 07

Karrot Cake – from Crazy Sexy Kitchen

I NEVER bake.  Whenever I attempt to place something sweet in the oven, it doesn’t work out.  It’s too wet, or too dry, or too flaky, or whatever. It’s never just right.  But seriously, I felt so much like biting into a slice of carrot cake, out of nowhere… I had no choice but to […]

October 05

Courgette stuffed with mushroom, quinoa & herbs

I found these chubby little courgettes at the market, and they just begged for someone to lop their tops off and stuff them!  Right?  Just look at them. Since it’s mushroom season and the market stands were full of every kind imaginable, the stuffing began to crystallize in my mind… Mushrooms, sage, parley, shallots, garlic with […]

September 28

Lovely roasted potatoes with garlic & tomatoes

So, this has to be near the top of my list for easy, hearty & delicious meals.  It’s also pretty nutritionally balanced, if you pair it with a big green salad or some broccoli.  What, you say?  Potatoes, nutritious?  I thought I was supposed to cut back on starches!  Well, that’s what I thought too… […]

September 21

Inspiring Provencal Lentils & Vegetable Tian

Provence!  The gorgeous weather, the bustling markets, the beautiful FOOD!  Crack open a(nother) bottle of Rose and you’re so relaxed, you’re practically asleep.  You open your eyes for a second and wonder where your kids have gone, only to find them running around playfully (or, poking each other’s eye’s out, whichever), and go back to […]

September 17

Cooking Lessons!

… well, sort of.  More like, learning the culinary ropes from a real pro in a real organic kitchen – #ifeelbio! Together with my chef Romain, we make all kinds of amazing stuff – raw/ vegan pad thai, raw zucchini cannelloni (both pictured below – hello lunch!), aubergine moussaka, vegan chocolate mousse, tartare aux legumes, crumble aux pommes… […]